Dermal Health™

Your guide to healthy skin through medical science.

Dermal Health is an aesthetic dermatology business providing skin-related products and services. Through their ground-breaking DERMEXCEL range, Dermal Health delivers accessible and affordable skincare products containing laboratory-grade active ingredients. All Dermal Health products are science-based and contain high percentages of the necessary elements to medically improve skin health.

How do you provide a medical-grade skincare range that is as affordable and accessible as a cosmetic?

Battling the traditional stigmas of skincare and beauty treatments, Dermal Health experienced additional challenges to breaking into the dermatological market. Their dream of providing an aesthetic dermatological range that is as accessible as a cosmetic, but as effective as a clinical product didn’t seem to fit within pre-existing market perceptions. As a result, their products were constantly being compared to either lower-level cosmetics or prescription-based medical treatments - neither of which was fair to their unique value offering. This barrier in audience perception caused low levels of customer engagement and resulted in inhibited growth.

Many moving parts - a single, unified message

Every aspect of the Dermal Health brand experience was redesigned and tailored to position the business as an accessible but clinical aesthetic dermatology solution. The corporate identity communicated the high-end quality of the range, while the ease of use and seamless experience of the digital assets emphasised the accessibility of the products. Packaging and unboxing impressions were specifically created to underline the luxury and efficiency of the Dermal Health brand.

Packaging and unboxing impressions were specifically created to underline the luxury and efficiency of the Dermal Health brand.

Growing the business on all fronts

+ Increased visibility

+ Brand evolution

+ Industry credibility

+ A completely new product category

Taking the risk to position itself as a new player in a previously uncategorised sector, Dermal Health became the leading force for the aesthetic dermatology community and the sole voice speaking to its audience.

Is your brand communicating on behalf of your business?

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