Waterfall City

Where living works.

Waterfall City is Gauteng’s fastest-growing business and lifestyle node, and the largest mixed-use development in Africa. The vibrant neighbourhood connects infrastructure, efficiency and convenience with quality of life. The residential developments, office parks and logistics hub, private schools, hospital, hotels and shopping destinations offer residents, tenants, shoppers and travellers everything you’d expect from a modern city.

A consolidated website to match the Waterfall City’s approach.

Waterfall City offers tenants, shoppers and residents a lifestyle where all aspects of work, shop, play and life are conveniently integrated and available right on your doorstep. With a convenient lifestyle like that, it’s only fitting that the website be as integrated and easy-to use as every other aspect of life in Waterfall City. Deservingly, the Waterfall City website has been awarded the Best Developer Website in South Africa Prize at the prestigious African Property Awards 2021-2022.

Planning, writing, designing and developing a new, integrated and user-friendly website.

A team of writers, UX designers, developers, SEO experts and project managers collaborated closely with the Waterfall team to rethink, rewrite, redesign and redevelop their entire website. Every aspect of the new website, from the choice of words to the images used and the interactive map was carefully planned and expertly designed to give users the very best website experience.

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