Transitioning an inner-city eatery to their new suburban location, enabling them to scale and expand while engaging their new consumer base.

As part of the Wolwespruit mountain bike park in Pretoria East, PLTFRM serves as a social hub where families, riders and visitors can relax and connect in a comfortable and safe environment. The establishment does business in the context of a bigger mixed-use outdoor and adventure park, making it absolutely unique in the surrounding area.

Voicing and visualising the future of the business

The new PLTFRM brand and visual language had to tell a story of people coming together, as they temporarily share a common space during their journey onwards.

Creating an appropriate atmosphere and setting

Integrating the brand promise and on-the-ground experience of the restaurant patrons was of utmost importance to sustain a credible reputation.

Nothing inspires a creative team as much as actually spending time with the client, especially on site where they have their business. The KRAFT team loved visiting with the PLTFRM crew at their newly renovated space. Fully immersing ourselves in the business enabled us to craft a complete inside-out brand experience that embodied the heart and soul of the founders.
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An inviting space that is remarkable and unique

The immersive experience of the restaurant ties in perfectly with the rest of the brand.

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A brand identity that speaks volumes

The resulting brand tracks the restaurant’s history from their humble beginnings to where they find themselves now.

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Communication strategy that scales the business

A vision for the future that includes significant expansions on their current offering.

Designing a future
A new setting with an appropriate brand

The freshly designed visual identity enabled the PLTFRM team to make a smooth transition into a new area, while still staying true to their ‘gather, feast and unwind’ brand legacy.

A community that is involved and engaged

The atmosphere, interior and overall experience is a recurring favourite not only for the immediate surrounding community, but even for people driving in from farther areas.

The opportunity to dream big for the future

Establishing a solid business base now acts as a launching pad for future endeavours - further expanding the PLTFRM presence and resulting value in the area.

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