Empowering simplification through software
Klari-T is a sophisticated software solution and a centralised hub for all financial business data and information. The software consolidates all data centres and centralises all information for fast and easy reference. It removes duplication and streamlines the whole process. The software ensures data integrity by integrating in a flexible manner with all other business tools.

Name ideation that transcends the conventional

Originally performing under the group name: QSA, the fledgling brand was in desperate need of a new naming convention that effectively communicated its value proposition, while also reflecting its contrarian approach to the often confusing and vague world of business accounting.

Capitalising on the creative expertise of the KRAFT designsmiths® team, a shortlist of about 89 brand name candidates was quickly whittled down to a workable shortlist which was then further distilled with the input of the Klari-T staff, management and investor stakeholders.

The final name is a direct result of cross-team and cross-functional collaboration, and effectively captures the DNA, purpose and intent of the brand.

When accountancy meets art: the Klari-T brand

With a bold and unique brand name like Klari-T, the business briefed the KRAFT designsmiths® team to expand on the current momentum and develop a corporate identity that:

1. Positioned the business as a credible and reputable accounting services provider, 2. Sets the business apart from its competitors by focusing on key attributes and differentiating factors.

As a result, the Klari-T brand clearly communicates the unique value proposition of the business, while also drawing inspiration from industry non-specific elements to illustrate the unique approach and attitudes of the Klari-T team.

In a world where accounting firms and service providers can often confuse more than they enlighten, Klari-T prides itself on delivering a clear and understandable solution that massively simplifies the complete accounting process.

The final Klari-T brand and name are a direct reflection of that core conviction.

Tools for targeting the ideal audience

Creating the appropriate communication and marketing collateral was critical for the business to effectively reach and engage its target audience segments.

The KRAFT designsmiths® studio team sprung into action and ported the brand identity and messaging architecture to a variety of digital and print media, placing impact and influence directly into the hands of the Klari-T team.

In a confusing and uncertain world – get Klari-T

Klari-T empowers simplification through software by creating simplified business processes and making business simple and accessible for everyone.

With the from-the-ground-up developed brand identity, messaging structure and marketing collateral Klari-T is finally empowered to communicate its message with confidence, consistency and yes, clarity.