Enabling modern workplaces that inspires and empowers
Rahmqvist supplies clever products and services for a better working day. They are absolute experts when it comes to workplaces. For more than 65 years they have served millions of workplaces and helped customers build systems, acquire services and use products towards a happier, more efficient and sustainable work experience.

Cultivating radical collaboration and creativity

Part and parcel of Rahmqvist’s unique offering in the market is creating seamless connections between the Rahmqvist brand, the related suppliers in the Rahmqvist group, client businesses and their employees. Making sure all the stakeholders are properly understood, communicated to and served in terms of their unique needs is what makes the Rahmqvist offering both a challenging prospect and exciting opportunity.

The Rahmqvist team approached KRAFT designsmiths® with the following question:

How do we design and develop a digital platform that:

1. Facilitates a world-class e-commerce experience for all users.
2. Provides the opportunity for bespoke and custom experiences for various tiers and use cases.
3. Supports and feeds into the enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.
4. Integrates fully with all other existing digital structures.

Using strategy and design to develop the future

Through the KRAFT designsmiths® custom framework, the team strategically unpacked all the needs, challenges, opportunities and potential solutions that might feed into the final development.

Working closely with the Rahmqvist team enabled KRAFT to constantly design with the end in mind, making sure that both the minimum viable product (MVP) as well as any future iterations are a perfect solution to Rahmqvist day-to-day felt need.

Digital development that connects, converts and builds the business

After carefully laying out a detailed product roadmap, the KRAFT designsmiths® team employed strategy, design, research and bespoke development to introduce the following to the Rahmqvist digital ecosystem:

1. A business-to-business ecommerce solution exploiting the best and most recent benefits and functionalities of the Shopify platform
2. A custom-developed middle player to manage company users, discount tiers, spending limits etc.
3. Bespoke integration between the Shopify ecommerce and Rahmqvist ERP platforms.
4. An end-to-end B2B to ecommerce solution with enterprise integration.