Unlocking the future through technological transformation
Voyanti is a future-oriented technology advisory that takes a holistic view of the whole business landscape and infrastructure. They provide access to real-time information and actionable insights to benefit any business and build the necessary integrated technology solutions needed with specialist partners and suppliers.

Moving from a single niche to a broad focus

Originally finding its feet in the agricultural sector, Voyanti specialised in delivering top-of-the-range internet of things solutions to improve stock management, deliver better business intelligence and accelerate decision-making.

As the business’ reputation grew it quickly established increasing demand for its services across sectors and industries. Rapidly growing, the need arose to broaden their horizons beyond the agricultural industry and start making an impact in complementary areas as well.

Establishing a cross-discipline, reputable brand identity

The initial Voyanti brand represented the business where and how it started. To grow beyond its current level of impact the brand needed to flex and expand as well.

Collaborating closely with the Voyanti team, KRAFT designsmiths® implemented and facilitated the Amplify Framework through a series of workshops and conversations. Focusing on strategic business alignment, a key message structure and a representative visual language the KRAFT team rapidly developed a corporate identity that would not only accommodate the massive current growth of the business but leave room for future expansion as well.

Developing a digital presence that embodies the brand purpose

Working in the digital technology space, Voyanti was in need of a best-in-class digital presence to not only showcase their expertise and experience but also deliver a remarkable experience to their audience and users.

Applying the components of strategic markers, key messaging and visual language, the KRAFT team designed and developed a complete new Voyanti web platform from the ground up.

The new digital home for Voyanti now perfectly represents their purpose, proposition and power in the marketplace.

Sustainable and thriving business through technology

Voyanti’s purpose is to invest in the broader business community by unlocking the future and guiding them to develop sustainable and thriving businesses.

With a strategically reimagined brand and a re-engineered, fully-functioning digital platform Voyanti are better positioned than ever to engage its audience and change the world through technology.